Daily Giz Wiz 354: Self-stirring Mug

Episode 354 of the podcast

Self-stirring Mug
Subject: Review of Self-stirring Mug
Released:Thursday 12 July 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
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Why stir your coffee when the Self-stirring Mug will do it for you?

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Using 2 AAA batteries, this mug was invented by James Thompson and it stirs up a whirlpool for your beverages.  Ideal for hot chocolate.

Flavoured Straws

Mark Sukoenig tries to tell Dick how his name should be pronounced.  He also writes in response to Episode 341 about the old flavoured straws.

Leo on hold

A call comes in on Leo's iPhone while they are recording the show.  Leo says they need to work on a "Leo on the phone theme".

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