Daily Giz Wiz 363: Western Digital My DVR Expander

Episode 363 of the podcast

Western Digital My DVR Expander
Subject: Review of Western Digital My DVR Expander
Released:Wednesday 25 July 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Add capacity to your Scientific Atlanta 8300 DVR with the Western Digital My DVR Expander.

Detailed information

A variation on the Western Digital "My Book" theme (Episode 54).  Just plug the "My DVR Expander" into your Scientific Atlantic 8300 or 8300HD DVR, and you have an extra 500GB of storage for your TV programmes.

Advice to Leo from an unfaithful listener

From your friendly neighbourhood, Philip, who listens regularly during the summer while packaging electrical tape but has little time during school terms, suggests that if Leo is looking for a gadget for the show, there's a website he should go to.  It's www.gizwizbiz.com.  Dick suggests that Philip should put a logo on the packages: "Packaged while listening to the Daily Giz Wiz".

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