Daily Giz Wiz 364: HP R937 Pet Eye Camera

Episode 364 of the podcast

HP R937 Pet Eye Camera
Subject: Review of HP R937 Pet Eye Camera
Released:Thursday 26 July 2007
Length:about 12 minutes
Download file:dgw0364.mp3 (5.6 MB)

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Short info

Remove the pet-eye (and slim down, too) with the HP R937 Pet Eye Camera.

Detailed information

Also called the Pet Eye Camera, this 8MP 3x optical zoom (39-118mm) camera has a giant 3.6" LCD screen, and a pet eye fix for photos of your favourite pet.  32MB internal memory and takes up to 8GB SD cards.
It also has a button which can "slim" people in the photos.

DGW Search Database

Ludwik Trammer from Warsaw, Poland has created a search site for DGW at http://www.ludwik.trammer.pl/dgw/.  Search by date, title, brand, with some other interesting statistics.  Hey, much better than this pathetic blog, for sure!  There's even a version for the iPhone at http://www.ludwik.trammer.pl/dgw/iphone/.
Dick thinks Ludwik is very young and is also learning English from DGW.  That worries Leo, as Ludwik might turn up at the American Immigration with things like "nun-stop" and "I'll be here".

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