Daily Giz Wiz 367: Targus Flexible Mobile Keyboard

Episode 367 of the podcast

Targus Flexible Mobile Keyboard
Subject: Review of Targus Flexible Mobile Keyboard
Released:Tuesday 31 July 2007
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0367.mp3 (5.9 MB)

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Short info

It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews the Targus Flexible Mobile Keyboard.

Detailed information

A flexible keyboard that rolls up for portability, which Akash Sablok introduced on "The Lab With Leo".  Works with USB and PS2.

Setting the Bar

Tim from Australia notes that Leo has set the bar so low with the Spork (Episode 182) that anything else seems great.

GizWizBiz Hats ...

... are selling like hot cakes.  Dick has sold 70 already and has only 30 left.  Hurry up!

The Lab With Leo now on Google Video

All guest segments from The Lab With Leo are now on Google Video.  Check them out.  Dick and Patrick Norton were on the set recently.  Photo available on Flickr.

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