Daily Giz Wiz 384: Marky Sparky Toys Marshmallow Spinner

Episode 384 of the podcast

Marky Sparky Toys Marshmallow Spinner
Subject: Review of Marky Sparky Toys Marshmallow Spinner
Released:Thursday 23 August 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0384.mp3 (6.4 MB)

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Short info

Toast marshmallows at a perfect 152 RPMs with the Marky Sparky Marshmallow Spinner.

Detailed information

A tip-off from a listener of DGW.  There's a gadget for everything.  The Spinmallow is a tool for spinning the marshmallow at the end of a skewer for your sweet barbeque.  It spins at a perfect speed of 92 rpm.  What's more, there's a deluxe version called the Super Spinmallow which spins at a "more perfect" 153 rpm, and has a flashlight as well.

Analogue Watch-Dial

Leo said in Episode 370 (and Episode 176) that he prefers old style analogue watch dials.  Marsha Deach from Oregon wrote that one of her friends spent months teaching a child to learn how to tell the time.  When he finally succeeded, the boy proudly wrote to his parents about it who decided to reward him with a present.  Guess what it was?

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