Daily Giz Wiz 390: WWF Mic

Episode 390 of the podcast

Subject: Review of WWF Mic
Released:Friday 31 August 2007
Length:about 11 minutes
Download file:dgw0390.mp3 (5.2 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: a mic that will turn you into a wrestling announcer from the WWE.

Detailed information

A hand-held microphone with a speaker at the base to amplify your voice, with built-in WWF-related sound effects including body slams, grunts, bells, slaps, and crowd cheers which you can add at the push of a button.  Dick has been playing these sound effects for the last 2 weeks.

Flushing Solution

John Lansdale from Lansdale Pennsylvania has a solution for those automatic self-flushing bathrooms that start flushing before you do anything (Episode 344).  Dick and Leo say hi to John's fiancee Celina, who doesn't like DGW because the only show she happened to have listened to was a TTTT.  Leo is devastated.

GizWizBiz Inka Pen

Leo has got Dick's GizWizBiz Inka Pen which is now on his keychain.

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