Daily Giz Wiz 392: Big Jack Bat

Episode 392 of the podcast

Big Jack Bat
Subject: Review of Big Jack Bat
Released:Tuesday 4 September 2007
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews the Big Jack Bat, another fine Marky Sparky product.

Detailed information

Dick was so tired of the TTTT crap that he asked Marky Sparky to send Leo some gadgets for him to talk about.
The Big Jack is an oversized baseball bat, but both the bat and the ball are air-pressurised, and it's easy to hit, and the ball really flies.
Leo also goes through some other gadgets from Marky Sparky, including the Doinkit Darts (magnetic darts) and the Blast Pad (a missile launch to rival the Corporal in Episode 214), which along with the Spinmallows (Episode 384), Leo and the kids tried out at Clear Lake at Henry's 13th birthday party (Episode 387).  For Henry's real birthday, Leo has assembled the California Chariot.

More Toothpick Birds Please !!

Between an out-of-the-country cellphone and another Toothpick Bird (Episode 282) variety of gadgets, a choice posed by Leo in Episode 380, Brian from California has no doubt which one he wants from Leo: the toothpick bird.  It's quirky and makes Leo look bad, a winning combination.

The Toothpick Bird's Random Pick

Listener Darcy Fiander has left a comment on this blog.  He likes the Toothpick Bird so much that he has created a DGW Random Pick at http://282.heyitstva.com/.  You click on the Toothpick Bird and it will pick up not only a toothpick, but also the link to a random episode of DGW for you !  It's created for the iPhone so you can get a quick dose of DGW while on the road, but it works on any browser.  Check it out.

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