Daily Giz Wiz 394: Targus Flare Backpack

Episode 394 of the podcast

Targus Flare Backpack
Subject: Review of Targus Flare Backpack
Released:Thursday 6 September 2007
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

A backpack that comes with its own raincoat, the Targus Flare.

Detailed information

A backpack with the usual compartments and pockets, including a laptop compartment.  The Targus Flare has 2 sizes, one for 15.4" and one for 17" notebooks.  It has a "raincoat" inside a zipped pocket on the bottom which unfolds up to cover the entire backpack from wet conditions.
But if you're lugging a 17" notebook around, Dick recommends the Targus Rolling Backpack TSB700, with a pull-up handle and wheels on the bottom.

Budding Opera Singer

Leo the Budding Opera Singer starts singing, which reminds Dick and Leo of his appearance as Dev Null on MSNBC singing Happy Together (Episodes 187, 149).  Definitely not a replacement for the late Pavarotti.

The Great One

Talk of the Caboose (Episodes 339, 356) reminds listener Brian Drake of Jackie Gleason who had a number of private, custom-made railroad cars, as The Great One had a fear of flying. Those railroad cars are now in the National Central Railroad Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.
Dick and Leo start dreaming about the TWiT Train and the Giz Wiz Caboose.

The Dyson Airblade

Dick mentions in passing a new hand-dryer that blows air at a tremendous speed that was recently featured at a press event which he could not attend.  This might be the Airblade, from Dyson the famous English vacuum cleaners maker.  It blows air through a HEPA-filter at a whopping speed of 400 mph.

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