Daily Giz Wiz 399: Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard

Episode 399 of the podcast

Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard
Subject: Review of Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard
Released:Thursday 13 September 2007
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0399.mp3 (6.1 MB)

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Short info

Stick a blackboard on your wall with Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard.

Detailed information

Stick these removable chalkboards on any wall or surface.  To remove or reposition them, just peel them off.  They are made of vinyl and you can use conventional chalk on them.  Come in 4 colours, black, blue, green and grape.  Great for task lists or leaving messages.

Another New Slogan

After "The worse your life is, the better we sound," Dick and Leo have come up with another slogan, "It's only 12 minutes, but it seems like an eternity."

Life Before Mad

A listener Peter Yasuda writes in to say that he's never heard Dick talk about Bill Gaines's life before Mad.  Dick did talk about it, in Episode 76, "A Tribute to William M. Gaines".  Dick tells us more tales from the crypt.

Max Gaines

Dick goes on to tell us about Bill Gaines's father, Max Gaines, who was a pioneer of the comics book itself.  He started EC Comics which Bill Gaines eventually inherited, from a shoes store.

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