Daily Giz Wiz 40: Timex Nap Timer

Episode 40 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Timex Nap Timer
Released:Friday 14 April 2006
Length:about 10 minutes
Download file:dgw0040.mp3 (5.3 MB)

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Detailed information

These clocks on the left (from Dick's warehouse) have special nap/snooze buttons (15-minute intervals), like the Sleep button on your stereo or TV set, which have been discontinued.  The deluxe version had 3 windows, a large window for actual time, two smaller windows for dual alarms --- and one of the two windows would show nap time.  Nap time didn’t have to be in 15 minute periods in that model.
When recording the show, Dick called them the Timex nap timers.  They were in fact Westclox nap timers.  The Westclox NapMate still appears on the Westclox and eSalton websites, but it is no longer available.
In an interview by Chris from Leoville Town Square on 5 May 2006 (released on 6 May 2006) (audio at the blog entry for Episode 244), Dick corrected the brand of the nap timers, saying that it ought to be Westclox, and these nap timers were his favourite gadgets of all time !

Did you know?

When Dick heard that Westclox was going to discontinue the Nap Timer series, he bought up all 14 sets left in stock.
Dick goes to bed no earlier than 3am and gets up at 7am.  No wonder he needs his nap!
Leo was a chess geek before he became a tech geek.

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