Daily Giz Wiz 403: Iomega eGo external drive

Episode 403 of the podcast

Iomega eGo external drive
Subject: Review of Iomega eGo external drive
Released:Wednesday 19 September 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0403.mp3 (6.3 MB)

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Short info

iomega's eGo portable hard drive in red and silver.

Detailed information

The iOmega eGo looks like a whisky flask, but is a portable hard drive.  160GB, USB2, USB-powered but can be AC-powered.  It has a built-in accelerometer, called Drop Guard, which parks the hard drive when it detects a sudden drop.  Also comes in silver colour.

Scratch Pad

Protective Covers for Guitars

Link: ScratchPadUSA

Not a gadget for the itchy rodent, the Scratch Pad is a protective cover for your guitar, made of a special polymer and overlaid with velvet available in different colours and designs.  It shields the guitar from your belt buckle.

The Scratch Pad requires no adhesive, but instead clings on to the surface of the guitar.  To remove it, just peel it off and it leaves no marks on the guitar.  It can then be re-applied to another guitar.

DGW Slave

Kerry Lutz who wrote to Dick and Leo in Episode 318, writes again to let us know that while he's a high-powered executive at work, he's a slave to DGW at home.  Not only does he find himself buying gadgets discussed on DGW, but now he's also downloading books from audible.com almost daily.  He wants a 12-step programme to rid himself of this addiction.  Dick has a brilliant solution.

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