Daily Giz Wiz 405: Sharper Image Hear It Again Digital handsfree

Episode 405 of the podcast

Sharper Image Hear It Again Digital handsfree
Subject: Review of Sharper Image Hear It Again Digital handsfree
Released:Friday 21 September 2007
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: the Sharper Image Hear It Again digital handsfree. Whatever that is.

Detailed information

A contribution by a listener Lee Deforest to the Gadget Warehouse.  From January 2001, this was a cellphone system for your car.  It had a speakerphone to enable hands-free conversation.  Its "Hear It Again" technology would continuously record 20-second segments of your conversation digitally, and you could choose to keep any of the last 4 segments by pressing any of the 4 buttons.  A 5th button enabled you to record the next 30 seconds of conversation.
This cellphone system worked with the StarTac (Episode 65) and some Nokia models.  Lee Deforest's donation comes complete with his own cellphone, which Dick can't remove!
The "Hear It again" technology is similar in idea to another Gadget Warehouse lodger, the DejaView wearable videocam (Episode 145), which could be donned on your cap.  It would constantly record a video and retain the last 30 seconds of footage at the press of a button.

Lee De Forest

A namesake of our contributor was the inventor of the Audion tube.   Lee De Forest, 1873-1961.

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