Daily Giz Wiz 406: Zelco PurseGuard Ultra

Episode 406 of the podcast

Zelco PurseGuard Ultra
Subject: Review of Zelco PurseGuard Ultra
Released:Monday 24 September 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Stop purse snatchers with the Zelco PurseGuard Ultra.

Detailed information

From Zelco, the company which makes the Aqua Pill Timer (Episode 388), the PurseGuard Ultra is an anti-theft hanger which you put near the edge of a table, from which you can hang a handbag, shoulder bag, backpack or your shopping.  It sounds an alarm if anyone tries to lift the bag off the hanger.

Leo makes fun of Dick's gadget.  With a brain more innately attuned to the criminal ways of the world, Leo suggests that all the thief needs to do is take the PurseGuard Ultra along with the bag.  Dick is temporarily stumped but soon demonstrates that the PurseGuard will also sound the alarm in such circumstances.

Apparently, Zelco has worked that out already.  In its catalogue is an older product called the Tote Guard which, from the difference in the product descriptions, would be susceptible to Leo's thieving scheme, but the new PurseGuard Ultra would not be.  It would sound an alarm if a thief tried to lift the bag and the gadget itself.

The PurseGuard Ultra also has a one-LED flashlight.

Audible Thanks

A lot of letters have come in with thanks for the Audible promotion.  Chris recommends the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony, and wants the Lab with Leo in the US.

Gravy Train

Another listener Phillip White from Chattanooga, Tennessee tells Dick and Leo that they need not fear Del Monte about the gravy slogan any more.  The Gravy Train slogan now reads "The secret's in the gravy."  He also asks the Mad Minutes to be brought back.

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