Daily Giz Wiz 408: Oral B Triumph Toothbrush

Episode 408 of the podcast

Oral B Triumph Toothbrush
Subject: Review of Oral B Triumph Toothbrush
Released:Wednesday 26 September 2007
Length:about 22 minutes
Download file:dgw0408.mp3 (10.2 MB)

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Short info

The first toothbrush to tell you when you're doing it right, or wrong, the Oral B Triumph.

Detailed information

The Professional Care 9910 is the latest toothbrush kit from Oral B.  The Triumph Toothbrush pulsates to loosen plaque and oscillates to sweep it away.  It has a pressure sensor to detect how hard you are brushing your teeth, and has different modes such as clean mode, sensitive mode, massage mode and polish mode.  The Smart Guide is a wireless LCD monitor which displays information about your brushing action.  It warns you when you are brushing too hard, a common error which hastens gum recession.  It has a timer which runs for 30 seconds for each quadrant of your teeth.  It also tells you when you should change the brush head.  When idle, it is just a digital clock.

You could also get the Triumph Toothbrush without the Smart Guide.  There is a range of brushheads to choose from (any that fits the 9000 series).

Emails to Leo

Leo's ambivalent attitude towards fan mail continues.  He likes to perpetuate the myth that he doesn't read his emails, and dedicates a whole page on his blog discouraging the sending of emails to him.  He does read and reply to emails, at least some of them, and has enlisted the help of an assistant to sort through his emails.  He's even taken a leaf out of Bill Gaines's book by using reply templates, the electronic equivalent of Bill's rubber stamps (Episode 46).

Brett Somers Passes Away at 83

Regular Match Game Canadian guest Brett Somers passed away on 15 September.  Dick explains for the first time on DGW how Somers got on to the show, does a reprise of his favourite story of how Somers used to love teasing the contestants (Episodes 35, 49, 189) and tells some more stories about Match Game.

Popcorn Discontinued

Bill from Connecticut who is catching up on past episodes of DGW writes in about Leo's reference to Popcorn (Episode 370, Episode 173).  The service was discontinued by A T & T on 19 September 2007.  Leo explains that the "Time Lady", Jane Barbe, had passed away well before then (in 2003), but her recordings lived on.  Leo plays sound clips from her voice recordings, from a page on the Bell System Memorial website, dedicated to Bell System Recorded Announcements.  Her entry in Wikipedia also has a number of links to her voice recordings.

DGW Memorial

Dick wonders if one day there'll be a memorial website for DGW, when they've passed on, with Dick saying "I'll be here."  Dick and Leo are counting on Ludwik Trammer (who Dick still thinks is 15) to do it.  Ludwik is actually at the "ripe old age" of 21 (see blog entry for Episode 407), from whom greater things are sure to come.

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