Daily Giz Wiz 410: The Rio 500

Episode 410 of the podcast

The Rio 500
Subject: Review of The Rio 500
Released:Friday 28 September 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0410.mp3 (7.5 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: the first popular MP3 player, the Rio 500.

Detailed information

From 1999, the Rio 500 was one of the first portable MP3 players, if not the first, capable of USB transfer.  64MB internal storage, with a Smart Media card slot for expansion - up to 128MB for later firmware versions. It ran on a mere AA battery.

Immature Astrology

Joe Morrow thanks Ludwik for letting him access the first 50 episodes of DGW (there being no direct access or links on TWiT to Episodes 2 to 50, although there are some "lost" pages for Episodes 6-10, Episodes 21-25, Episodes 31-35, Episodes 36-40, Episodes 41-45, and Episodes 46-50).
Joe will be buying the Celestron Skyscout from Episode 2 for his new-found hobby of "immature astrology" and recommends a piece of open-source software called Stellarium, downloadable from www.stellarium.org for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Leo talks about Google Earth and Google Sky.

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