Daily Giz Wiz 411: Peanut Light

Episode 411 of the podcast

Peanut Light
Subject: Review of Peanut Light
Released:Monday 1 October 2007
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

The Peanut Light, a handy little emergency light that sticks anywhere.

Detailed information

Shaped like peanuts, these are tiny 2" long LED lights, sold in sets of 3, which can be carried around.  They also have velcro strips at the bottom which can be used to attach the light on to different surfaces.  These were first heralded by Dick in Episode 406.

Shy like Johnny Carson

Dick and Leo are shy at parties, like Johnny Carson.  So was Ethel Merman when she first appeared on Match Game (original stories in Episode 167).  The only thing that separate Dick and Leo from them is talent.

From Comic Books To Television

David Sexton of New Jersey (who suggested the Spoon Sisters Wire Identification Labels to Dick, Episode 283) writes in about the Monster HD channel on Cable Satellite, and a documentary called "From Comic Books To Television" which talked about EC Comics, Bill Gaines and his dislike of the Comics Code.

David Sexton wonders if Bill Gaines ever considered reviving Tales from the Crypt, and whether anyone has written a biography of him.  Tales from the Crypt have been republished in hard cover and can be found at EC Crypt: www.eccrypt.com.  Dick's book Good Days and Mad covers many stories about Bill Gaines.

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