Daily Giz Wiz 412: Amazon Subscribe and Save

Episode 412 of the podcast

Amazon Subscribe and Save
Subject: Review of Amazon Subscribe and Save
Released:Tuesday 2 October 2007
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews a new way to get toilet paper, paper towels, razor blades, and other things you buy regularly, by mail from Amazon Subscribe and Save.

Detailed information

If you buy a lot at Amazon, Amazon Prime may work out well for you.  $79 a year, and you get free delivery of everything you buy from Amazon within 2 days of shopping.
But that's not the subject of this TTTT.  Subscribe And Save with Amazon is a free beta programme which Leo learned about from Megan Morrone, his fellow netcaster on Jumping Monkeys.  If there are goods you order from Amazon regularly, especially household goods, such as toilet rolls, detergent, coffee pods, you can subscribe to them, at intervals you specify, and the goods will be delivered to you automatically, with a 15% discount and free shipping.  You will also be reminded a few days in advance that the goods will soon be shipped, and you get the option to change the time of delivery.
To see what goods are covered by the Subscribe and Save programme, click here.

The Simpsons

Dick and Leo muse about The Simpsons and Fox, and Leo plays a clip from the show.

DGW Chimes

Another letter about the NBC Chimes, but with a difference this time.  Darcy Fiander, a musician from Toronto, says the Daily Giz Wiz should have its own chimes, D-G-..., but the W doesn't work.  So Darcy suggests that the last note should take the frequency of the episode number.  He's also willing to create a chime for every episode, but Leo thinks it's too much to ask of Darcy.
Darcy is also the creator of the Toothpick Bird Random Pick, the URL for which Leo misspells on the show.  The correct link is at http://282.heyitstva.com/ which is also one of "My Links" to the right, on this blog.  The app is made for the iPhone but it works on any browser.  The default episode is Episode 282 for the Toothpick Bird, but if you click the bird, it will pick a random episode for you.  See also the blog entry for Episode 392.

Gadget Warehouse Theme

Dick and Leo are still waiting for the Gadget Warehouse jingle, at the time of recording.  It's already been made.  See the blog entry at http://insidedgw.vox.com/library/post/warehouse-jingle.html or go directly to Paul Minshall's blog.

A Dig at Dane

Dick and Leo make a dig at Dane Golden who edits the show and does the InsideTWiT blog.  Dane has the last laugh.

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