Daily Giz Wiz 42: Oregon Scientific ATC-1000

Episode 42 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Oregon Scientific ATC-1000
Released:Tuesday 18 April 2006
Length:about 11 minutes
Download file:dgw0042.mp3 (5 MB)

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Detailed information

Attach the camera to your helmet, arm, leg or bike and it takes a video (15fps) or still of your amazing stunts while you skate or mountain-bike, on to an SD card.  No viewfinder as it is intended to be part of your sport gear. Oregon Scientific's ATC-1000 has a very rugged design and is built for use with your extreme sports.  The helmet is an optional accessory.

Leo's Intro

Leo tries a foreign accent in the intro.

Did you know?

Regis never used to talk to Kathie Lee, or look at the gadgets, before the show, in order to preserve his spontaneity.

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