Daily Giz Wiz 420: 10GB iPod

Episode 420 of the podcast

10GB iPod
Subject: Review of 10GB iPod
Released:Friday 12 October 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0420.mp3 (6.3 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: the second generation iPod with a whopping 10GB of storage.

Detailed information

Dick was reminded of the iPod 10GB by a recent re-airing on ABC of an old clip in which Dick showed it on World News Now with Liz Cho.

From Dick's description, this is a second generation model.  Introduced on 21 March 2002, it had 10GB hard drive capacity, 10 hours battery life and was firewire only.  New to the 2nd Gen was a wired remote, the Touch Wheel (the 1st Gen wheel was a mechanical scroll wheel that actually rotated), calendar and artist search.  It was also the first iPod that supported Windows.

Human, Technology, and Canine Time Scales

Dick and Leo talk about different time scales for humans, technology and even dogs, which sets Leo off on an Ethel Merman impression of "Those Were The Days", although Dick thinks it's more like Al Jolson, which should go straight to the Gadget Warehouse.  They have previously talked about the different time scales in Episode 120, in which they invented the "gadget year".

iPod Vending Machine

Dick remembers seeing an iPod vending machine in Las Vegas.  Dick first told the story in Episode 77, to Leo and Amber MacArthur (the only guest to have appeared on DGW).


The HP35 (Episode 415) has generated a lot of emails from listeners, including Graham MacDonald from Australia who has bought 6 of them, a graduate from Drexel University at Philadelphia who was a freshman in 1972 when the HP35 came out, and an Air Force recruit who spent one month's salary on an HP35 programmable calculator and later joined HP itself.

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