Daily Giz Wiz 429: Hasbro Tooth Tunes

Episode 429 of the podcast

Hasbro Tooth Tunes
Subject: Review of Hasbro Tooth Tunes
Released:Thursday 25 October 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Dance while you brush with Hasbro Tooth Tunes.

Detailed information

The Tooth Tunes Toothbrush plays a tune and sends the vibrations via your jaws, while you're brushing, into your inner ears.  The tune plays for 2 minutes, the recommended time for brushing your teeth.  There is a wide range of tunes to choose from and each toothbrush plays a different tune.  Entertainment Earth has the entire selection.  The battery is not replaceable but it is supposed to last for 3 months, the recommended time for replacing the toothbrush altogether.

Sound Bites

Dick has talked about a previous product from Hasbro using the same idea, a lollipop holder which plays music while you suck on the lollipop, which Dick thinks mistakenly is called Spin Tunes.  It's actually called Sound Bites (no longer available), the March '07 WTHII gadget, which he explained in Episode 281.

DGW Marathon

Long-time listener and recently-wed Baby Gig was introduced to DGW by her husband before they got married.  When they go on road trips, they record hundreds of episodes and do DGW marathons.  Their most recent record is 12 hours of DGW in 2 days.  That's illegal, says Dick, who sees the divorce court beckoning.  She says she's married to a techno gadget freak, and asks how one keeps him organised.  Leo has a suggestion ...

... The Wood Whisperer

Marc Spagnuolo does a wood-working video podcast, the Wood Whisperer.  Check out his products at Marc's Wood Creations.  He and his wife Nicole are going to build Leo a gadget cupboard, something like the eNook - (except that it can't be the eNook, as it is already a trademarked product).  Leo mentioned this gadget-holder back in Episode 375.  If you can't wait for your own custom made gadget cabinet, have a look at the eNook.

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