Daily Giz Wiz 432: Meraki Mini

Episode 432 of the podcast

Meraki Mini
Subject: Review of Meraki Mini
Released:Tuesday 30 October 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
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Detailed information

Leo was given a Meraki Mini by Kris Krug of Bryght.com.  It's a Wifi b/g router and repeater.  About the size of a deck of cards, it plugs into your source of internet access (DSL or cable modem, or your router) and creates a wifi network.  No configuration is required.  You can still preserve security by placing the Meraki Mini outside your own private network.

The main idea, though, is to create a mesh network of open access.  Plug in more Meraki Minis into power sources (with a choice of US, UK, EU and AU power adapters available), and they will act as mere repeaters.  The online Dashboard application allows you to manage your own network (such as making private networks, setting bandwidth limits, blocking unwanted users), and even monetise the setup by charging for access - although that would require you to get the Pro Edition (which is the same hardware as the Standard Edition, but you pay extra for the monetising option).  The package includes suction cups and adhesive pads (to position the repeaters as near your windows as possible).

For more details on the technical specifications, see Linux Devices.  For an Australian user's experience, see a blog by Lachlan Hardy.

Pocket UV Disinfector

Leo insists on reading a letter, refers to a gadget suggested by a listener, the Pocket UV Disinfector, available from Market Gypsy, without giving him credit, then asks Dick for a letter.


Another listener Jason Anderson, after reading The Unofficial Apple Weblog, at tuaw.com, suggests the Replug for Leo when he looks down under his desk to find some crap to share.  The Replug sits between the headphone port on your computer or portable device and the headphones.  It bends under pressure to maintain the connection, and if too much strain is being applied, it breaks away saving your audio device.

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