Daily Giz Wiz 433: Optimus Prime Voice Changer

Episode 433 of the podcast

Optimus Prime Voice Changer
Subject: Review of Optimus Prime Voice Changer
Released:Wednesday 31 October 2007
Length:about 12 minutes
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Detailed information

From Hasbro, this is an Optimus Prime helmet (of The Transformers), with adjustable straps.  It has 3 modes.  Voice transformation - which makes your voice sound like a robot (or an Autobot), using its built-in mic.  It can play the sound effect of Optimus Prime changing from a truck to a robot, and vice versa.  Lastly, you can play pre-recorded sound of familiar Optimus Prime lines from the movie, such as "The Decepticons must be stopped!"

Apparently there are 2 versions of this helmet.  One features the voice of Peter Cullen who did the Optimus Prime voice in the movie, and another features the voice of Gary Chalk who did the voice of Optimus Prime in Beast Wars.  If the packaging says, underneath "TRY ME", the words "Featuring the REAL Movie Voice", then it's definitely the Peter Cullen version.  If the packaging says "Press Buttons for Conversion Sounds and Battle Phrases", which seems to be the current packaging, it could be either.

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It's Halloween !

... and it was exactly one year ago that Leo introduced us to the Titanium Spork (Episode 182).

Insignia Pilot

Nick writes to remind Dick that it was he who requested Dick to take a look at the Insignia Pilot MP3 Player (Episode 426).  He's also asked Dick to have a look at the new Sansa TakeTV from SanDisk.  Dick has requested a sample.

Ken Lange from Las Vegas bought the Insignia Pilot a few days before the show and is very happy with it, especially its special podcast features including fast forward (for DGW) and bookmarking.

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