Daily Giz Wiz 440: BIC Beam Box

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BIC Beam Box
Subject: Review of BIC Beam Box
Released:Friday 9 November 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: a better FM antenna, the B*I*C Beam Box.

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BIC (British Industry Corporation) used to make very high end turntables, and import other audio equipment such as Garrard turntables, Luxman amplifiers and Wharfedale loudspeakers.  It still makes loudspeakers.  From 1977, the Beam Box FM10 was the first Electronically Directable FM Antenna.  You could fine tune an FM signal by simply turning the knobs on the Beam Box.

Vincent DeDomenico Dies

Vince DeDomenico, son of Italian immigrants and who turned a neighbour's Armenian family recipe into the Rice-A-Roni - "The San Francisco Treat", died on 18 October 2007, write Marilyn and Daryl Holmquist.  Vince also built and ran the Napa Valley Wine Train.

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