Daily Giz Wiz 444: XM Express RC Radio

Episode 444 of the podcast

XM Express RC Radio
Subject: Review of XM Express RC Radio
Released:Thursday 15 November 2007
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0444.mp3 (7.8 MB)

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Short info

The latest XM radio from Delphi, the XM Express RC Radio, features a color display and longer record times.

Detailed information

The Delphi Xpress RC is a radio for XM Satelite Radio.  It has a colour split screen display of a real-time programming guide.  You can pause and replay up to 60 minutes of your favourite XM programming.  It can save up to 10 favourite channels and 10 favourite songs.  TuneSelect and GameSeclect alert you when your favouite song or sports event is being played on XM.  Its Frequency Finder locates FM frequencies for listening to XM through your FM radio.

Available accessories include a Home Kit for home docking, a Car Kit for use in your car, and a Boom Box.

Bending the Beams

A listener has a suggesting for Thierry Daigneault (Episode 431) who wants to ruin his old TV set in order to get a new HDTV.  Use a magnet near the screen to ruin the display.

Christmas in New York

The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City has come early this year, and Dick went last Sunday.  The Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center will be up around the end of November.

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