Daily Giz Wiz 456: Chumby

Episode 456 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Chumby
Released:Monday 3 December 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0456.mp3 (6.7 MB)

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Short info

Chumby, the little Wi-Fi device that can do almost anything.

Detailed information

The Chumby is a wifi-enabled (b/g) device that displays anything accessible via the internet, by means of "widgets".  You go to Chumby's website (using any computer) to create an account and activate your Chumby, and select the widgets available from the website.  You can also amalgamate widgets into "channels".  Examples of widgets include Flickr, Google Calendar, My eBay, Engadget, Woot, Weather, ESPN News etc.

Turn on the Chumby by plugging into an AC outlet.  You'll be asked to calibrate the Touch Screen and the Squeeze Button (which is at the top of the Chumby).  Connect to a wifi network, and you're set to view your widgets or channels.  You squeeze the Squeeze Button which brings up the Control Panel and make/change your selections via the Touch Screen.  You can plug your iPod into one of Chumby's USB ports and the Chumby becomes your Boombox.

Its software (Linux-based), which includes a flash player and a music player, is upgradable via wifi or a USB flash drive.  It's open source and new wigdets are welcome.

Hooked on Audible

Dick and Leo have got Jeff Timberland hooked on Audible, who suggests Dick should release Good Days and Mad as an Audible book.

Gaines in Fat Farm

Bill Gaines got overweight, went to a fat farm and gained 11 pounds.  He also used to send one of the Mad art directors to pose as him for his annual physical (see also Episode 310).

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