Daily Giz Wiz 46: Get Me Off the Phone

Episode 46 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Get Me Off the Phone
Released:Monday 24 April 2006
Length:about 9 minutes
Download file:dgw0046.mp3 (4.3 MB)

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Detailed information

Play one of six special sound effects in the background for an excuse to get yourself off the phone, such as a crying baby, the door bell, static for bad connection, and a police siren.

Catching Up

DGW will soon catch up with TWiT in episode numbers.

Podcast Alley

Leo announces his campaign to get DGW to the top of the chart on Podcast Alley for May 2006.

Driving Offences

Leo was talking on the phone while driving.  A policeman caught up with him.  Leo quickly threw the phone on to the floor.  The policeman signalled to him to roll down his window.  Leo began to squirm in his seat ...

Without a Switchboard or Secretary

Even though Mad was a multi-million dollar business, Bill Gaines didn't have a switchboard or a secretary.  How did he answer his calls and mail?

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