Daily Giz Wiz 460: Compaq Scanner Keyboard

Episode 460 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Compaq Scanner Keyboard
Released:Friday 7 December 2007
Length:about 20 minutes
Download file:dgw0460.mp3 (9.1 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: the Compaq keyboard with built-in Visioneer scanner.

Detailed information

From April 1996, Compaq had this gadget made in conjunction with Visioneer, the Keyboard Scanner, with which you could scan documents through the keyboard itself.  Connected to the computer via a serial port.  200 dpi, 8-bit grayscale.  All for $350 only.  You can't even get an Asus Eee PC (Episode 447) for that price these days.

Miscue from Leo

Tim, who listens to DGW over lunch, corrects Leo on the Zune 2 (Episode 452).  The wifi works without being powered via the dock.  Every morning, Tim gets a fresh set of podcasts by sync'ing his Zune with his laptop wirelessly.

Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

Dick has put up his fibre optic Christmas Tree.  Hear him half-explain how he got it.

Leo Back On Cue

A Fedex delivery in the middle of the recording, and Leo is right on cue this time with the Wait-For-Dick Jingle (unlike Episode 417).  Fun, fun, fun.  It's a Christmas gift for Dick's dog, Fairway.

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