Daily Giz Wiz 462: Mp4Watch

Episode 462 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Mp4Watch
Released:Tuesday 11 December 2007
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Watch video on your wrist with the Mp4Watch.

Detailed information

PMP Watch

A 7-in-1 watch - the MP4 Watch Video is a timepiece, plays video, displays photos, plays music (mp3 and wma), voice recorder, eBook Reader, and an optional FM Radio.  1GB storage, headphones included.  Available in black, white, blue and orange.  Exact specs are not available from the website; nor does it say where to get the optional accessories.  The pictures of the watch look different too, even on the same page.  It could be the one shown here, or it could be this one - 1.5" OLED screen, 128 x 128 pixels.

UV Disinfector, again

Leo looks for a letter and asks Dick if he's talked about the Keyboard Disinfecting UV Ray Gun, which Leo did in Episode 432 - the Pocket UV Disinfector from Market Gypsy.  But this time at least Leo remembers to give credit to the letter-writer (from a PR company).

WTHII November '07

It's the Drinn.  A cellphone charging holder that keeps a cellphone or PDA in place when it's plugged into a power outlet for charging.  Available from, among others, Spoon Sisters.

"Drinn" was designed in Holland and is a Dutch onomatopoeia for the sound of a telephone when it rings.

[This episode was originally recorded for release for 11 December 2007.  Actual date of release: 18 December 2007.]

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