Daily Giz Wiz 466: Checkmate Appetite Intake Controller

Episode 466 of the podcast

Checkmate Appetite Intake Controller
Subject: Review of Checkmate Appetite Intake Controller
Released:Monday 24 December 2007
Length:about 25 minutes
Download file:dgw0466.mp3 (11.4 MB)

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Short info

It's a brand new week with the Checkmate Appetite Intake Controller

Detailed information

The Checkmate Appetite intake Controller is essentially a timer which buzzes in 30 seconds (or 60 seconds, if you choose) intervals.  The idea is to get you to eat more slowly and chew your food properly (30 seconds chewing time) to give the body enough time to "register" feeling full.  Made by Buzztronics, who made the GizWizBiz USB Smart Button.

Gifts Heard Only on DGW

The podcaster of Media Junkyard writes in to say, play the Festive Jingle all year around.  He and his brother do gift "themes" every year, and this year, it's gadgets heard only on DGW.

Christmas for Dick and Leo

Hear how Dick and Leo are going to celebrate this Christmas.  Learn about the conflicting traditions in Leo's family, and all about the Algonquin, Dorothy Parker, Parker House, and the Parker House rolls.

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