Daily Giz Wiz 468: Lionel Train Bank

Episode 468 of the podcast

Lionel Train Bank
Subject: Review of Lionel Train Bank
Released:Wednesday 26 December 2007
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Teach your child to save with the Lionel Train Bank.

Detailed information

The Lionel Railroad Crossing Coin Bank is a 4 feet tall coin bank.  Put in a coin and flashing lights and whistle sounds will come on (for 30 seconds).  You can choose to have (1) the lights on but no sound, or (2) both lights and sound, or (3) neither lights nor sound.

To see it in action, see Dick's video on MySpace.

Boxing Day

Leo offers 2 theories of how 26th December came to be called Boxing Day.  Learn also when the Kwanzaa (or Kwaanza) is.

Christmas Gifts for Dick

Nobody knew what to get for Dick for Christmas when he was young, being the unusual kid that he was, and everyone asked Dick's mother what to do.  In the end, she just told Dick to buy presents for himself.

Samsung Earphones Quality

Jim Nelson bought the Samsung Yepp P2 MP3 Player (Episode 458) and agrees that the earbuds make the sound quality very good.  He used to think the sound quality of the Christmas Jingle bad, but having heard it on the Samsung earphones, he thinks the sound quality is incredibly bad!

Talking Photo Album

Dick has received emails about the Talking Photo Album (Episode 463), or rather Leo's question whether you can make your own captions.

The Happy Hour

Dick has just done a new show, the Happy Hour on Fox Business - Regis and Kelly meets Cheers.

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