Daily Giz Wiz 473: Ion Tape to PC

Episode 473 of the podcast

Ion Tape to PC
Subject: Review of Ion Tape to PC
Released:Wednesday 2 January 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0473.mp3 (6.6 MB)

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Short info

Convert your old music tapes to MP3s with the ION Tape2PC USB cassette deck.

Detailed information

It looks like a cassette tape dubbing deck, and is indeed one, but the Tape2PC also has a USB connection which connects to your computer for converting your cassette tapes into MP3.  It comes with EZ Tape Converter 2 ( for PC), EZ Audio Converter (for Mac) and Audacity (for PC and Mac).  Dick has already tried converting one of the Mad Minutes, and now there is no chance of Leo converting the rest of the Mad Minutes on the plusdeck2c (Episode 127).

To hear Alfred E Neuman's take on New Year resolutions on the recently converted Mad Minute, click here.

Mad Fold-In

Keith Takayesu, or Keith Tak, has sent in a newspaper ad which is reminiscent of Mad's Fold-In.  The sincerest form of flattery.  Listen again to the origin of Al Jaffee's Mad fold-ins, or try Episode 69 where you can learn about some of Mad's artists.

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