Daily Giz Wiz 483: Beer Tender

Episode 483 of the podcast

Beer Tender
Subject: Review of Beer Tender
Released:Wednesday 16 January 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Already so popular it has a fan page, coming this April: the Beer Tender!

Detailed information

Beer Keg

Its official launch is not until 1 March 2008, but the BeerTender is supposed to have its own unofficial fan site already.  Made by Krups for Heineken (after Philips pulled out of the venture) and resembling a coffee maker, it's a beer keg for your own home.  You can have the Heineken DraughtKeg or the Premium Light DraughtKeg.  It keeps the beer cool and the temperature can be adjusted to your own taste.  It tells you the temperature, how much is left in the keg and how many days before the beer will go stale.  Will be carried by Williams-Sonoma.  Leo prefers Chimay, a Belgian beer made by Trappist monks.

Perfect Podcast Playing Device

Colin L (aged 16) writes in response to Episode 433, in which Dick and Leo talked about the perfect device for listening to podcasts (as a result of a listener writing in about the Insignia Pilot).  He notes that the Sony PSP had been left out.  The PSP was the reason he listens to TWiT.  The RSS Feed feature on the PSP is perfect for podcasts.  He connects wirelessly using the PSP to the feeds on Leo's podcasts, and it streams perfectly.  The Zune2 and iPod Touch might be worthy competitors.

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