Daily Giz Wiz 488: The iTornado for Mac

Episode 488 of the podcast

The iTornado for Mac
Subject: Review of The iTornado for Mac
Released:Wednesday 23 January 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Move files from PC to Mac and vice versa with the USB-connected iTornado.

Detailed information

Following the original Tornado (Episode 244), which was limited to PCs, the iTornado enables file transfers between Macs and PCs as well.  It works in the same way, just extend the retractable cable (4 feet) and plug the ends of the device into the USB ports of 2 computers, and the files on both computers will be displayed on the screens of both computers.  No software need be installed on either computer.  Just drag and drop files from one computer to another.

MacBook Air

Dick is interested in hearing about the MacBook Air fom Leo.  Despite its beautiful ultra-thin design, Leo has a few qualms about it: lack of ethernet port, lack of an optical drive and only one USB port.

Wait For Dick

Another parcel arrives for Dick while Dick and Leo are recording the show.  It's from Scottie of Scottevest, whom Dick met recently at CES.  Dick is not revealing what's in the parcel, until tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Leo brags about his cargo pants.

A Digital Clock that was not a Digital Clock

Gary Bennett goes to bed to the sounds of pillow talk from Dick and Leo.  Their recent discussions on clocks (Episode 430) remind Gary of an old clock from his younger days, back from the 60s or 70s.

It was a "digital clock" that wasn't really digital.  It flipped to the next digit every hour or minute.  Wikipedia describes it as an analogue clock with digital display, sometimes also called a "flip clock".  Dick and Leo assure Gary that he wasn't imagining it.

You can get a Copal Flip Clock on eBay, a Digimate from Plastiphile.com, or get one of many new retro flip clocks available online.

This gets Dick and Leo on to Solari departure boards (the method of display being called flap display or split-flap display), pin clocks (available from Stupid.com), Gray's Papaya, Frankfurters and Bill Gaines.

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