Daily Giz Wiz 490: IBM PC Jr.

Episode 490 of the podcast

Subject: Review of IBM PC Jr.
Released:Friday 25 January 2008
Length:about 11 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: The IBM PC Jr.

Detailed information

A listener wrote in asking Dick to talk about this gadget.  Released in 1983/1984, the IBM PC Junior (IBM 4860) was intended as a computer for the home, following the success of the IBM PC in business.  It had a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 CPU, 64KB RAM, a floppy drive, an infra-red chicket keyboard (subsequently replaced by a full stroke keyboard), without a monitor, running MSDOS 2.1 and cost $1,300.  It was a flop.


John R Henry, CPP, whose previous letter was read out in Episode 439, gets a second shout-out, and explains that CPP means Certified Packaging Professional, a qualification awarded by the Institute of Packaging Professional.

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