Daily Giz Wiz 491: AOL Desktop

Episode 491 of the podcast

AOL Desktop
Subject: Review of AOL Desktop
Released:Monday 28 January 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Check your mail accounts faster and organize it better with the free AOL Desktop.

Detailed information

Not a gadget, but a piece of software from AOL.  This is their new AOL Desktop application.  Navigate between windows by selecting the thumbnail picture of your open windows.  Browse the internet without having to log on to AOL.  Check emails, not just from AOL, but other mail accounts too.  You don't have to be an AOL account holder to use this application.  There is even a beta version for Mac.

Match Game Cards

Perry Boomershine, who works in interesting places all over the world including Egypt, Afganistan, north of Thailand and Kosovo, thanks Dick for making him a hero.  This year, his sister got as presents a pair of pale green jade dragons, and a set of match game cards.  There are only 12 sets left.  The new GizWizBiz cap is available now.

What the Heck Is It

Join the WTHII Jan '08 contest, as there haven't been too many entries so far.  Here's a tip.  It's neither a cucumber leash nor a thumb puller.

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