Daily Giz Wiz 496: Zibra OpenIt

Episode 496 of the podcast

Zibra OpenIt
Subject: Review of Zibra OpenIt
Released:Monday 4 February 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Open those indestructible blister packs with the Zibra OpenIt. Not for pruning.

Detailed information

Another cutter to open those stubborn welded heavy duty plastic packages and blister packs, similar to what OpenX does (Episode 164).  This time it's OpenIt from Zibra.  OpenIt takes it one step further.  At the bottom of one of the handles is a spring-loaded retractable utility knife, at the end of the other handle is a mini-screwdriver for opening small battery compartments.

Cool Gadgets

Cool B, whose previous letter was read back in Episode 195, recently bought the Scottevest-made TWiT fleece and travelled in it on a cruise to Italy, Spain and Portugal.  He was warned about pickpockets and Cool B kept all his stuff in his inner pockets.  He also took along his USB Cells (Episode 186) and a Power Squid (Episode 24).

GizWizBiz USB Smart Button

Leo got to know an AmTrak agent in Providence whose husband listens to DGW.  She had heard from her husband that Leo was going to take the Acela from New York to Providence (check out Episodes 234, 238 and 255), and she met Leo as he got off the train (around this time last year).  She was recently at MacWorld Expo 2008 where she met Leo again, and she wanted Dick to know that the USB Smart Button which she's bought is Mac-compatible.  There are only about 6 of those Buttons left, while the new GizWizBiz Caps are going really fast.

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