Daily Giz Wiz 498: DeNovo Mini Keyboard

Episode 498 of the podcast

DeNovo Mini Keyboard
Subject: Review of DeNovo Mini Keyboard
Released:Wednesday 6 February 2008
Length:about 12 minutes
Download file:dgw0498.mp3 (5.7 MB)

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Short info

Thumb-savvy TV/PC couch potatoes key better using Logitech's diNovo Mini Keyboard via Bluetooth.

Detailed information

A gadget for the couch potato who is also a PC fan.  The diNovo Mini is a palm size keyboard, from Logitech, bluetooth 2.0-enabled, with rechargeable Lithium ion battery with AC adapter.  It's for those who use their TV as their computer monitor.  It has 2 modes.  One is for control of Windows Media Centre.  The other mode is for control of PC functions, so you can do IM, emails etc.  Compatible wtih PS3 too.

1000 Episodes

Avid listener FreeBSD loves DGW, congratulates Dick and Leo on the successful podcast, and hopes it goes on to 1000 episodes.  He also has a story to tell which would go well with the Scala Rider Teamset episode (Episode 369), about teenagers text messaging while driving.  He was sitting in Starbucks in Kingston, Ontario, when he heard a crash outside - a lady driver was text messaging while driving and rear-ended the car in front as she turned into the road outside Starbucks.

Episode 500

Dick and Leo are pretty tied up and Dick has not planned anything for Episode 500.  Leo suggests that listeners can send in questions to them, and if they answer correctly, listeners can send them crap.

Did you know?

18% of car accidents are caused by women putting on make-up while driving.

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