Daily Giz Wiz 501: Lacrosse Weather Direct

Episode 501 of the podcast

Lacrosse Weather Direct
Subject: Review of Lacrosse Weather Direct
Released:Monday 11 February 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
Download file:dgw0501.mp3 (8.7 MB)

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Short info

Get the weather report for five locations and much more with the Wi-Fi connected La Crosse Weather Direct.

Detailed information

This is one of the first devices of the next generation weather stations.  Unveiled by La Crosse Technology at this year's CES, Weather Direct will be employed by La Crosse Technology in a number of their devices with prices ranging from $50 to $130.  Once you purchase a Weather Direct device, you pay a one-off fee to register online to specify the locations for which you want weather forecasts.  The device is connected to the internet via an ethernet port from which it fetches  and aggregates weather and other information from various sources including satellite assisted weather forecast systems and RSS feeds.


Hear what succotash is from Dick and Leo.

Penguin Tea Timer

George from Ajax Ontario, Canada finds the Motorola Rokr S9 Bluetooth Headset (Episode 417) difficult to wear together with his sunglasses, and when the bluetooth is turned on, it seems to drain the phone battery much faster.  In the end, he has to return it.  He suggests that Leo cover the Penguin Tea Timer on TTTT, which lifts up the tea bag from your mug when the tea is sufficiently brewed.  Leo thinks it would be a good pal for the Toothpick Bird (Episode 282).  Amazon, on the other hand, suggests as a companion for the Penguin Tea Timer, the Hillary Nutcracker (see also Episode 404).

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