Daily Giz Wiz 505: Bose 901

Episode 505 of the podcast

Bose 901
Subject: Review of Bose 901
Released:Friday 15 February 2008
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The Bose 901 Series VI Direct/Reflecting Speaker System.

Detailed information

First mentioned by Dick back in Episode 294, the Bose 901 Speakers started in 1968, and were the first direct reflecting speakers.  Each speaker had nine 4½ inches drivers, most of them facing backwards towards the wall, so that most of the sound from the speakers was reflected from the back and side walls first before reaching you.

40 years later they are still being produced to this day as Series VI.  When they first came out, Dick longed to have them.  He finally got a set of them, which were later retired to his Gadget Warehouse, but he gave them away to a friend in the end.

A set of them from the 1960's (which ought to be Series I) are available on eBay at the time of writing. 

For an article on the Bose 901 back in 1975, see Stereophile.com.

For the current model, it's available from Bose, and this is how they look.


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