Daily Giz Wiz 512: Photo Studio in a Box

Episode 512 of the podcast

Photo Studio in a Box
Subject: Review of Photo Studio in a Box
Released:Tuesday 26 February 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

It's Turn The Tables Tuesday, time for Leo's unboxing of the Photo Studio in a Box, great for studio quality product shots.

Detailed information

From American Recorder, this Photo Studio In A Box is 16" x 16" x 16" is ideal for taking studio style photos of small objects.  It comes with a stand for your camera, two 8" tall studio quality lights (2800K Tungsten lamps for even colour temperature), a soft light box made of woven nylon fibre mesh diffuser giving you uniform illumination and eliminating harsh shadows, and a two-sided (blue/grey) non-reflective fabric background.

New Look for Dick's Website

As reported in Episode 500's blog entry, Dick's website has a new look, and Dick has just noticed that he's put at the top of the home page: "This website no longer contains trans-fats."  But Dick thinks that the letter read out yesterday (from Bill Mulligan) came before the new website came up.  Indeed, Dick and Leo talked about DGW being free of trans-fat, cholesterol and starch in Episode 498.

Gadgets, Science and Technology

Karen Toast Conger (from Toast Floats and Toast Floats Blog) and her family are full-time live-aboard cruisers on their catamaran in the Pacific Northwest.  She regularly download TWiT podcasts to learn about all the things she can't afford any more, but DGW does offer news of affordable boat-worthy gadgets, such as the Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask (Episode 484) and the WaterBob (Episode 319), which Karen calls the Bathtub Water Bladder.  She recommends the link on Dick's website to PowerBoat Magazine for boat gadgets.

Karen also says that the gadgets we love are a by-product of science and technology, and believes that we must get to know about the science policy and plans of the next American president.  There is a proposed presidential debate devoted to science and technology - Science Debate 2008.

Jerkstopper Unplugged

Leo also refers to a letter sent to him by Bob Harris, who was prompted by the Jerkstopper (Episode 507) to write about a piece of free software for Mac which alerts you when the power cord for your MacBook becomes unplugged, called Unplugged, from Brik Software.

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