Daily Giz Wiz 514: One Touch 4 Plus

Episode 514 of the podcast

One Touch 4 Plus
Subject: Review of One Touch 4 Plus
Released:Thursday 28 February 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

It's the day before leap day, and listeners need to use the One Touch 4 Plus to backup their blank.

Detailed information

External Hard Drive/Backup Solution

The One Touch 4 Plus from Maxtor is a USB2 and Firewire 400 external hard drive (with different capacities up to 1 TB), preloaded with backup and recovery software, including Backup and OneTouch Manager, and the SafetyDrill Recovery CD.  Not only does the OneTouch 4 Plus provide backups (and it reminds you to do your backup too), data storage, and protection for your files, it also protects your entire computer system in case of disaster.  In case of a system crash or virus attack, the Maxtor SafetyDrill feature automatically creates a snapshot of the entire contents of your computer’s hard drive which can be readily booted for a quick recovery.  PC and Mac compatible.

For a portable solution, the One Touch 4 Mini (USB2 external hdd) offers capacities of 80 to 250GB.  USB-powered, small form factor, and light-weight (6 ounces only).

Win a Maxtor One Touch

Nathan Papadopulos of Maxtor and Seagate has offered one 1TB model of the One Touch 4 Plus, and two One Touch  4 Mini Portable, as prizes for DGW.  Send Dick an email with one sentence: "I need a Maxtor One Touch to back up ______."  Fill in the blank.  Be one of the 3 winners.  Shipping only to the US and Canada.

A Late Valentine

Bradley McGuffey who previously wrote in, back in Episode 324, found the Coby Digital Photo Frame DP-5588 (Episode 504) on Amazon for $67, and it could have made a good gift from Leo to Jennifer on Valentine's Day, or Hallmark Day.

Valentine's Day Cards

Dick showed some Hallmark Valentine's Day cards on Regis, and 3 days later, he was asked to return them to Hallmark.

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