Daily Giz Wiz 519: Socket Sense

Episode 519 of the podcast

Socket Sense
Subject: Review of Socket Sense
Released:Thursday 6 March 2008
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

Instead of using multiple power strips, Dick's got Socket Sense to plug in more devices.

Detailed information

Ideative, who made the Leak Frog (Episode 166), has come up with the Socket Sense, a power strip that can be extended for you to fit in those large, bulky, intractable AC adapters/transformers.  The sockets are angled at 45° to give more efficient use of space.  It also offers 2160 Joules surge protection.

An Intelligent DGW Fan

Leo ran into Paul Lawrence, director of the Yale Center for Media and Instructional Innovation, who is a fan of the TWiT network.  His favourite podcast is The Daily Giz Wiz.  There is someone intelligent at Yale after all.  Dick also met someone from Yale the other day, and he works in the Combination Lock Department.

Stripped of Power Strips

Dick and Leo wonder how many power strips (such as the Power Squid, Episode 24, and the Tributaries T10 Flexible Power Strip, Episode 449), batteries and LEDs have appeared on DGW, and how many podcasts are left.  They hope Ludwik Trammer of GizWizSearch can help.

A Trickle of Hate Mail

Leo has been doing well on TTTT recently, and the hate mail is trickling down.  Now Leo getting another kind of hate mail, for doing decent gadgets.

Tour of the Queen Mary 2

Dick's tour of the QM2 previously shown on ABC has been posted on his website, or check out the blog entry for Episode 517.

CSI Alaska - A Suspected Spork Robbery

There has been a robbery in Anchorage, Alaska, and the police are still trying to determine if the weapon used was a spork.  They should invite Dick and Leo act as the experts in the forensic investigation.  Here's one of the reports, on Yahoo News.

Dick and Leo have received a flurry of letters from listeners about the news story, including James Levine, Wayne Dickson, Kevin Madden, Jim Haygood, and even Chris Marquardt of the Tips From The Top Floor podcast.

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