Daily Giz Wiz 527: FlashMic

Episode 527 of the podcast

Subject: Review of FlashMic
Released:Tuesday 18 March 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

The battery-powered HHB FlashMic with Sennheiser microphone and 1GB built-in Flash storage.

Detailed information

The FlashMic is a high quality microphone made by HHB from England, with 1GB built-in flash memory.  Inside the FlashMic is a Sennheiser microphone, running on 2 AA batteries, and it records mono sound on to the flash memory inside the mic.  You can record on to WAV, or MPEG-1 Layer 2 (a sound format commonly used in broadcasting), with different levels of compression to choose from, either on the mic itself, or through the FlashMic Manager software which you can install on your computer (Windows and Mac).  The built-in memory can store up to 18 hours of recording.

At the base of the mic there is a USB port for connection to the computer to interact with the software and for the transfer of recordings.  There is also a headphones jack for sound output which you can also use for recording directly on to your computer.  Optional accessories include a table stand and a wind shield.

Leo has the DRM85-C, which is unidirectional (or cardioid), to block off ambient sounds, but there is also an omnidirectional model, the DRM85.

Leo used to carry his microphone plus the Marantz PMD660 solid state personal digital recorder on the road, as a backup recording device, which he finds a bit bulky, now that he has discovered the FlashMic.  The FlashMic is available in the US on BSW.

Chief Blogging Officer

Leo will be the Chief Blogging Officer on his upcoming photography trip to Tasmania.

Tom Bihn Bags

Leo's coverage of Tom Bihn bags (Episode 522) last week has generated so much response that Tom Bihn's website has now included the Daily Giz Wiz as one of the sources from which customers learned about Tom Bihn.  They're going to send a few samples to Dick for his upcoming segment on travel gadgets on ABC.

5 Days of Insanity

Ludwik Trammer from Poland, of GizWizSearch, writes in to tell Dick and Leo that they have passed the 5 days mark in terms of total recording length, although the good stuff can be condensed into a quick 61 seconds (excluding the jingles).  He also warns that the simulator model on his computer confirms that if you listen to the 5 full days of DGW in one go, you will become totally insane in the process.  Some might say anyone listening to DGW is already certifiably insane.

Dick and Leo keep thinking that Ludwik is 15 years old, which Ludwik tries to correct (there is another listener called Collins who was 15 when he made the DGW Looker-Upper-Listener).  For Ludwik's age, see the blog entry here for Episode 407.  For more on Ludwik, click here.

Ludwik's says on his site that it is not in any way affiliated with, endorsed or licensed by Dick DeBartolo, Leo Laporte or the TWIT Netcast Network.  Dick and Leo say, it is!

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