Daily Giz Wiz 539: Energizer Light on Demand

Episode 539 of the podcast

Energizer Light on Demand
Subject: Review of Energizer Light on Demand
Released:Thursday 3 April 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

When the power goes out, the rechargeable plug-in Energizer Light on Demand can turn on automatically or be used as a flashlight.

Detailed information

Energizer's Light-On-Demand series has 7 products, including a desk lamp, a wall sconce, a motion light and a night light.  The main feature of these lighting products is that each has an LED "light stick" with its internal rechargeable battery.  The light stick is removable and can be used as a flashlight.  If the power goes out, the light stick will automatically come on as emergency lighting (although you can turn that feature off).  The light sticks are interchangeable between different fixtures.  Light-On-Demand will be available first at Target, then later in the year at other outlets.

I'll Be Here

DGW is so infectious that Gregory Cheney found himself saying "I'll be here" to his mother at the end of their telephone call.  He also wants to know how to keep his female cat entertained.  Dick suggests a laser pointer pen, while Leo has a more cruel method.

Update (7 April 2008): Another listener, called SS, having heard this episode, writes to Dick suggesting the Ba-Da-Beam Cat Toy, whose email has been posted by Dick on his website.  The laser dot circles, pauses, then pauses again, and can never be caught.  That should keep your cat entertained.  From Drs Foster and Smith.


Dick and Leo discuss what to call Leo's coming video shows.  Suggestions are welcome.

Leo's Journey into Tasmania

Leo is now in Tasmania.  Follow his journey on his blog at Leoville, and check out that video with a montage of images from Hobart.  Dane Golden has also posted on his blog some of the videos taken by Jenna Fox at the Sydney Airport where Leo met up with some of his Australian fans.  In one of those videos, you can see Leo sporting 2 of his TTTT gadgets, the Amazon Kindle (Episode 472), and the big red Tom Bihn bag, the Western Flyer (Episode 522), while wearing his TWiT-branded Scottevest Microfleece Pullover.

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