Daily Giz Wiz 54: Western Digital Light Up Hard Drive

Episode 54 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Western Digital Light Up Hard Drive
Released:Thursday 4 May 2006
Length:about 8 minutes
Download file:dgw0054.mp3 (3.8 MB)

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Short info

Get up to 500 GB in an external drive that's compact, fast, and pretty. The Western Digital My Book even lights up to show how full it is. $180-$350

Detailed information

A 500GB external hard drive (Firewire & USB2) with pre-installed software for backing up your data, from Western Digital.  Two concentric LED circles light up while it's backing up your data.  Software and connection interface vary with different "editions".  You can schedule backups, and a glowing capacity gauge let’s you see at a glance how much space is left on your drive.  It also turns itself on and off with your computer and Safe Shutdown prevents the drive from being powered down until all your data has been written.

SP2 Grief

Dick was prompted by Windows to install Service Pack 2 on his XP machine.  SP2 tried to install itself, failed, and now the computer can't boot.

Dick was impressed ...

... when Leo fixed his laptop during a commercial break in one of Leo's TV shows.

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