Daily Giz Wiz 541: Safety Stick

Episode 541 of the podcast

Safety Stick
Subject: Review of Safety Stick
Released:Monday 7 April 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Dick checks his mail and finds a Safety Stick 4 in 1 Emergency Tool and Flashlight.

Detailed information

Another "What's In The Box?" session with Dick and Leo.  It's the Safety Stick from Safety Bright, a 4-in-1 emergency tool for the car.  It combines a flashlight, a blinking emergency light, a seat belt cutter and a hammer for breaking glass.  The base is magnetic for easy attachment to a metallic surface for use as a flashlight or emergency light.  Operates on 2 AA batteries.

Where Have I Heard It Before?

Rick from Zanesville, Ohio was surprised to hear his hometown mentioned on DGW by Leo.  Leo can't remember that he did, or why, only that he used to have a girlfriend called Sue from Zanesville, Ohio, about 35 years ago.  Dick advises Sue that if she's not married yet, she'd better do something about it soon, coz if she waits too long for her ship to come in, her pier might collapse.  Leo can't remember where he's heard it before either.

Leo's memory is being obsoleted pretty quickly.  For where we've heard about Zanesville before, and Leo's obscure reference to it, think Dick Cheney, or listen again to Episode 507.

For the ship and pier joke, think Johnny Olson, or listen again to Episode 535.

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