Daily Giz Wiz 547: Lowepro Slingshot

Episode 547 of the podcast

Lowepro Slingshot
Subject: Review of Lowepro Slingshot
Released:Tuesday 15 April 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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Leo takes quick shots with the Lowepro Slingshot.

Detailed information

In the first episode of TTTT after Leo's Tasmanian trip, Leo talks about a gadget he took to Tasmania and used a lot (or will take and use).  It's the Lowepro Slingshot 200AW.  Lowepro specialises in camera bags and other photography-related accessories.

The Slingshot series gives you backpacks with a single shoulder strap, called the sling strap, ergonomically designed to evenly distribute the load over your body.  It has a nice camera compartment large enough to fit your DSLR and its mounted lens, with a built-in micro-fibre cloth to protect the camera's LCD screen; storage spaces for additonal lenses and flashes; a memory card pouch; an all-weather cover which you can slip out from within the bag to protect the bag from rain, dust and other inclement conditions, and other compartments and attachment loops for further storage.

It's called the Slingshot because you can swing, or sling, the bag from your back to the front easily, giving you convenient access to the contents of the bag without having to unload the bag from your shoulder.  The largest model is the Slingshot 300AW, with an extra padded waist belt to distribute the weight on to your hips.  The 200AW and 100AW are smaller sizes, which have a "stability strap" for added stability.

You can watch a demo by Lowepro at this link, or better yet, watch Leo's own demonstration from the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania, before he set off for the Freycinet Forest.

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A New Cop Show

Chicago-based Dan Lueders, who made a gravy jingle submission and the theme-free Wednesday Theme, has done a TV commerical for the TV Event of the Year, a new cop show called "The Spork".  For more details on Dan, see the blog entry for Episode 528.

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