Daily Giz Wiz 552: Canon HV30 HD Camcorder

Episode 552 of the podcast

Canon HV30 HD Camcorder
Subject: Review of Canon HV30 HD Camcorder
Released:Tuesday 22 April 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Leo goes back to tape with the Canon HV30 HD Camcorder.

Detailed information

Although flash memory camcorders are now the norm, Leo found a problem with them on his trip to Egypt.  The videos he took with his Panasonic HDC-SD5 had to be transferred off the flash cards to the computer, which very quickly filled up the hard drive.  So this time for Tasmania, he decided to get a camcorder using tape, Canon's VIXIA HV30, which records on to HD miniDV cassette tapes.

A successor to last year's HV20, it is a palm-sized camcorder, records High Definition DV in 16:9 mode (1920 x 1080) or 4:3 mode (1440 x 1080).  Supports 24p cinema mode and 30p progressive mode, the latter being good for converting into 15 fps web video.  10x optical zoom, fine low light performance, lens-shift image stabilisation, HDMI out, and a hot shoe for accessories.

Turning up the Volume: Size Matters

A listener's challenge to the 500-times size claim of the iPod Earbuds Speakers 500XL (Episode 543) generated a huge volume of response from the audience, including Perl eminence, FLOSS Weekly co-host and long-time listener Randal Schwartz, maths teacher and tea-maker par excellence George from Ajax, Ontario (who recommended the Penguin Tea Timer to Leo in Episode 501), and Van Miller from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  It's not just the linear dimension, but the volume that counts, so say the chorus of disapproval.

The Miracle Thaw

Leo is enjoying his letters, and continues with another flood of correspondence, this time on the miracle defrosting tray the name of which escaped Dick adn Leo, in Episode 536.  Listeners rush in to explain the Miracle Thaw, including Brian Trapman from West Chester, Pennsylvania, Jason Gray, Tim Shay, and Andy Heatlie (whose letter is quoted on Dick's website).  It was just a piece of metal, and the FDA wasn't very happy with the commercials either.  The Miracle Thaw is no longer available, but the Miracle Thaw Junior may still be, and if not, there is always the "new and improved" Super D-Frost Wonder from the same manufacturer.

Dick and Leo are understandably surprised that people actually pay attention to the podcasts.  One hopes the FDA does too, and gets a close look at the Super D-Frost Wonder.

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