Daily Giz Wiz 553: Animal Cable Organizers

Episode 553 of the podcast

Animal Cable Organizers
Subject: Review of Animal Cable Organizers
Released:Wednesday 23 April 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

It's a jungle out there, unless you use Animal Cable Organizers.

Detailed information

A huge collection of cable organisers in the shape of whimsical animals from cableorganizer.com.  The Animal Clips have strong rubber-based adhesive backs to attach themselves on to surfaces, and are removable.  Use them for those pestilent, all-pervasive cables in our house, or just to keep the odd pencil or USB thumb drive in place.  30 designs to choose from.

Other gems from the same site include the mini cable turtle, the velcro wrap, the floor cord cover.  Highly recommended by Dick for all your cable organisation needs.

A Suggestion for WTHII

Sharon's other half is a pack rat with more unidentifiable junk than any human being should be allowed, which reminds her of Dick, fondly.  How about the listeners sending in the photo of a mysterious-looking gadget?  Dick likes the idea.  If your gadget gets picked for a WTHII contest, you get an autographed copy of Mad.

March '08 WTHII

The button thingy for the March '08 WTHII contest turns out to be the Pants Extender.  It extends the waist of your trousers or skirts when you can't get into them any more after a heavy lunch, or a life of culinary binge, as the case may be.  A real kluge.

Falsetto Guys

Leo wonders why all their jingles are done by guys who sing falsetto.

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