Daily Giz Wiz 554: Tags for Bags

Episode 554 of the podcast

Tags for Bags
Subject: Review of Tags for Bags
Released:Thursday 24 April 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Identify your luggage with the custom embroidered, brightly colored, heavy duty Tags for Bags.

Detailed information

Now that Dick has got himself a Tom Bihn bag, the Western Flyer, for ABC's Travel section, he turns his attention to luggage tags.  MyTags from TagForBags are 7" heavy-duty woven polyester tags, with a choice of your own words embroidered on them.  Inside each tag are 2 clear pockets, one for your name and address, the other for your itinerary.  Leo advises Dick not to embroider his tags with "The Giz Wiz", as it would be an open invitation to thieves.  Dick agrees, and thinks "Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday" is the safest bet.

'Tude Tags, tags with an attitide, cost the same, and are the same tags, only with standard embroidered phrases, including DON'T EVEN, BACK OFF, NOT YOURS, WRONG ONE, HANZZOFF, DREAM ON and BADABING.

All About Australia

Claudio Quaresma from Brazil notes that Leo has been touting his photo safari trip to Tasmania.  He has heard about the Australian Government's Internet Filter Experiment, and wonders if the two events are related.  Your fans demand to know, says Claudio.  Leo explains that it was the Australian Government's attempt to offer free content filter for all of Australia, but within 30 minutes, the filter was hacked by a 16-year-old.  Probably Ludwik, who to Dick, has finally graduated to all of 16 years, since he was 15 last year.  The filter was an unmitigated waste of 85 million Roos.

Save the Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian devil, an animal unique to Tasmania, is a scavenger which causes no harm to humans and other animals.  They have been plagued by a contagious cancer and if nothing is done for them, they may die out soon.  Leo and the photographers on the Lightroom Adventure 2 trip raised $7,000 for the Save the Tasmanian Devil movement by selling some of their photographic prints.

The Wombat

Leo was much taken by the wombat, an Australian marsupial.  For a shot of Leo falling for a wombat (and one of the slang phrases he picked up in Tassie), go to his blog at Leoville.  For photos taken by Leo on his recent trip, go to his Smugmug page, or his Flickr page.

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